Hot Springs and Spa of Ikaria Island

Ikaria is famous for its radon hot springs. The excellent healing properties of the thermal springs of Ikaria have been known since antiquity. The inhabitants of the ancient spa town “Thermai” were known as “Thermei from Ikarus” and later as “Asclepiois of the Aegean”, by the homonymous God of Medicine, in recognition, as it seems, of the miraculous results of their thermal baths. Studies, so far, have shown that many of these sources are unique in the world. Some of them can be visited in organized hydrotherapy centers, while others spring up in the sea environment of Ikaria, creating warm natural pools that offer unique pleasures to visitors.

In Therma, today’s spa town of Ikaria, built next to “Thermai”, the ancient city-state of the Athenian Alliance, are located 5 of the main thermal springs of the island: Apollon, Artemis, Kratsa, Spilaion and Pamphili. The thermal waters of the various hot springs mainly differ in terms of their radon content and their temperature. Three of them are used in one private and two municipal hydrotherapy centers.

Municipal Hydrotherapy Centers

• Apollon – The central facility of the contemporary spa town of Ikaria, was built in the 1950s, in the center of Therma, just above the beach. It offers balneotherapy in private and collective baths. The Apollon facility is adorned by a statue of a female bather in hot springs. The statue is an offering from patients, as a sign of gratitude for the healing effects of the springs.
Spring of Apollon: Hot– Na+- CI– K – B – Strong Radon –Hypertonic- Thermal Hot Seawater Spring of Therma, Ikaria

• Spilaion – Spilaion is a natural cave, offered both for healing and wellness. It has a natural hammam area, suitable for inhalation therapy and perspiration and 2 small swimming pools (2-5 people) with jacuzzi and thermal water. It hasn’t been open recently due to the coronavirus. It is planned to reopen soon, following renovation.
Spring of Spilaion: Hot– Na+- CI– K – B – Fe – Medium Radon–Hypertonic- Thermal Hot Seawater Springs of Therma, Ikaria

Private Hydrotherapy Center

• Kratsa – Recently renovated, with a hammam area and individual baths, the spa facility is located in the center of Therma, in one of its beautiful alleys. It hasn’t worked in recent years due to the coronavirus.
Spring of Kratsa: Hot– Na+- CI– K – B – Medium Radon–Hypertonic- Thermal Hot Seawater Springs of Therma, Ikaria

The therapeutic effect of the hot springs of Ikaria is advisable for the following conditions (indicative):
• Rheumatologic conditions
• Orthopaedic conditions and post-traumatic injuries,
• Dermatological disorders,
• Gynaecological conditions
• Respiratory system

Recent scientific studies demonstrate that balneotherapy improves patients’ quality of life offering an analgesic period that lasts for several months after the therapy.

Contra-indications (indicative):
• Diseases in an active stage
• Serious cardiovascular diseases
• Recent stroke
• Haemorrhage
• Pregnancy

Other Hot Springs in Ikaria

In Ikaria, the hot springs of Asclepius, Lefkada and Aghia Kyriaki have similar physico-chemical characteristics.
• Asklepius – In Agios Kyrikos, opposite the Administration Building (where several public authorities are based), is the municipal hydrotherapy center of Asklepius, which operated until recently. The spring, which used to be called Mustafa after the name of an aged Turkish Commander who regained his health in its miraculous waters, gushes from the sea. The hot spring is now only accessible from the area of the Marina of Agios Kyrikos.
Spring of Asclepius: Hot – Na+- CI– K – B- Strong Radon –Hypertonic- Thermal Hot Seawater Spring of Ikaria
• Therma Lefkada – West of Ag. Kirikos in the small settlement of Lefkada there are two unexploited thermal springs miraculous for skin diseases, the Chlio spring and the Thermo spring. Both of these springs end up in the sea, so it is possible to swim there. Access needs attention (not suitable for people with mobility difficulties).
Spring of Lefkada: Hot– Na+- CI– K – Br – Fe – Low Radon –Hypertonic–Thermal Hot Seawater Spring of Ikaria
• Agia Kyriaki – The spring gushes in a small square tub, which can be visited, in the little port of the Agia Kyriaki settlement, after the airport.
Spring of Aghia Kyriaki: Hot– Na+- CI– K – Low Radon –Hypertonic–Thermal Hot Seawater Spring of Ikaria

In the extremely interesting and scientifically documented book “AEGEAN THERAPY ” (Oselotos Publications, 2022) by the Author (a Doctor himself) Giorgos D. Kallivrousis, with origin from Andros island, who experienced, as a patient, the healing action of the thermal springs as well as the “spirit” of Ikaria, you will learn about: Ikaria, the longevity of Ikarians, way of life in Ikaria, “The Spirit of Ikaria”, thermal baths, radon, ionizing radiation, treatment of arthritis, inflammation and pain, body weight, Ikarian diet, movement and walking, orthodox fasting, fasting and non-fasting recipes, targeted exercise, therapeutic entertainment, and related topics.
Concise and reliable information can be also found in the 8-page publication “THERMA IKARIA” (Organization and Coordination: Therma Spa Tourist Association “Appolon”, English Edition: Municipality of Ikaria).