Therma Ikaria Greece


Therma village is 2 km from the capital of Ikaria island, to the east of Agios Kirikos. The main spas of the island are located there. Known since antiquity for its miraculous waters, Therma took its name from the ancient Ikarian city, Thermai. At a small distance to the east of the contemporary village, in the locality of Loumakia, are “Halasmena Therma”, the archaeological remains of bathing facilities of the ancient city.


Therma, a place with a tradition in hospitality and health care, will enchant you with its picturesque bay, its small harbor, the beautiful sandy beach (children friendly) and the small square with traditional cafes, restaurants and confectioneries. All around are beautiful houses and to the rear the hills and the valley. The village celebrates the day of Saint Anargyroi, 1″ July and 1″ November.

At Therma, you can have a spa in private and collective baths as well as inhalation therapy and perspiration in the natural cave. At the same time, sea gushing springs create natural hot pools and offer unique moments of relaxation and wellness.