Green Policy of Marina Hotel

Ecological materials & products

The most important service we provide for you is a good night’s sleep. Hence, we invested in products (high quality top-mattresses, pillows and linens) made of 100% organic materials.
The top-mattresses and big pillows are Cocomat (
The linens are 100% cotton, carrying the label STANDARD 100, as they are tested, at every stage of processing, from yarns to finished products, for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® criteria (

Our breakfast is simple and healthy, following the Hippocratic philosophy and Ikarian practice of light eating. All products we offer you are homemade, by us or local producers, without any preservatives and additives.


Eco-friendly operation

In the common kitchen of each floor, there are three recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum. Thank you for placing only clean packaging in these bins and strengthening the recycling effort on the island of Ikaria!

We take care of your room daily. With all the respect to you as well as to the environment, we offer, every fourth day, fresh sheets and towels and a thorough cleaning of your room, unless…you indicate to us otherwise.

Hot water
Respecting the environment, we provide hot water through the use of solar energy. Thank you for using it with care so that the other guests can enjoy it too!

Keeping cool
To cool down, we offer you the choice of the ceiling fan and the A/C. Do not, also, miss the chance to feel the coolness of the summer breeze of the Aegean Sea, the famous “Meltemi”. Thank you for keeping doors and windows closed when the A/C is turned on and for using it with respect for the environment!

Energy saving switches
We have invested in energy-saving circuit breakers in all our rooms, assuring, without any effort from you, the minimum electricity consumption when you are not using the room (only the refrigerator keeps working).