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Beaches of Ikaria, near the area Marina Hotel is located.

The cool clear sea with the attractive shores and beaches are a major attraction for the summer guests of Ikaria. Therma village, the spa town of Ikaria, where Marina Hotel is located, offer a nice sandy beach and a calm sea, for those who want a relaxed stay without having to travel a lot during their holidays.

In the area of Agios Kirikos, behind the port, to the west, after the beautiful district of Fleves, are the main beaches of Agios Kirikos, all with coarse pebbles: Pagopioio where there is also a public shower, Kotsambi, and Tsoukala which is the preference of the youth. Swimming is also possible on the beach directly next to the port.

Agios Georgios Beach

Nealia Beach

On the route between Agios Kirikos and Faros, every now and then you come across nice beaches, some smaller, some larger, with small pebbles, such as Nealia, Xylokerate, Anefantis, etc. You can also go to Nealia on foot following the path connecting the ancient Loutropolis (Thermai) with its Acropolis (Katafygion). The ancient path was recently re-opened and cleared and connects the contemporary Loutropolis, Therma, with the site of ancient Loutropolis and Nealia beach. It does not continue to the ancient Acropolis (today’s Katafygi), due to the opening of the coastal road to Faros that was constructed to serve the Airport. On this road, just before Faros, a small all-white church stands out, “Panagia”, at the location of Kerame, right above an attractive sandy beach.

Arriving at Faros, a small plain with a very long sandy beach, near the eastern cape of Ikaria and the airport, the visitor can combine swimming with eating or drinking by the sea for total relaxation.

Finally, a unique delight, west of Agios Kirikos, after the bay of Monastiri, the long beach with pebbles at Xylosyrtis, the village with the “kaisies” (a variety of apricots that thrive in Ikaria).

Faros Beach

Seychelles Beach

Other Beaches of Ikaria

Ikaria is famous for its beautiful beaches, on the north side of the island (Kambos, Mesakti, Livadi, Nas), with fine sand and big waves, which are sought after by the surfers. Some of them are organized with beach bars, deckchairs, umbrellas and various activities. Special attention is needed in swimming when there are big waves, due to the currents the sea has in this area.

Famous for its wild beauty and turquoise waters, the small exotic Seychelles beach is located on the southwest side of Ikaria, next to the beautiful village of Magganitis.

Many more beaches, smaller or larger, with less or more people, easier or more difficult to access, can be discovered by the “restless” visitor who wants to enjoy the clear sea and crystal waters of Ikaria.


During your stay in Ikaria, you can make beautiful excursions with your own or a rented vehicle. There is also the possibility of organized excursions, such as the tour of the island. Moreover, you can also enjoy a day trip to nearby islands, such as Fourni and Patmos. If you are fond of hiking and mountaineering, Ikaria will surprise you with its possibilities and beauties.

Akamatra Village

Traditional Festival

Traditional Festivals

At the Ikarian Feasts, a custom particularly developed on the island, with “Dionysian” references, people eat traditional festival food, such as “prothesis” (goat meat broth) and goat, mostly boiled or roasted, and drink excellent local red wine, the “Pramneios Oinos” of Homer. It is also where visitors and locals linked altogether, dance in a circle the Ikariotiko, the traditional local dance, with the magical sounds of the violin, the kariotiki lyre or the chambounophylaka, a traditional instrument resembling a bagpipe.

The traditional feasts in Ikaria, apart from the ” mysticism ” or “zefkin” (celebration, merriment, joy) that they offer, they also serve an important social purpose i.e.collecting money (revenue from the festival) for the needs of the village organizing the festival. This was, and remains, a critical way for the villages of Ikaria to financefundamental projects, such as paving roads, water and irrigation projects or building a hall for cultural events, etc. It is also one of the main reasons that the feasts are still a living tradition passing down from generation to generation and being embraced with the same warmth by all ages.

Local Products

Ikaria produces, among other things, excellent olive oil and famous grapes, from which the “Pramneos Oinos”, known since antiquity by Homer as “the nectar of the Gods”, was produced for the first time. The island also produces raisins, walnuts, almonds, and the unique, in aroma and taste, “kaisia”, a variety of apricot that thrives in the south, in the wider area of the capital. Ikaria is still known for its honey, delicious in aroma and flavor and of high nutritional value, as it is produced from Atheras, the particularly rich in herbs mountain of Ikaria. Atheras also provides the possibility of exporting slate plates, that characterize the unique mountainous landscape of Ikaria. They were formerly used in “xito” houses, and today are placed in luxurious or traditional buildings.